Monday, January 16, 2012

Meatball Quesadilla and Healthy Sides To-Go Lunch

We have entered a new realm at our house: packing lunches for school. So far it's been great fun for me! But I've only made two. I know I'll run out of ideas very quickly so I wanted to save some so that I can refer back when I need inspiration.

My requisites are that the lunch be: healthy, clean-plate-club level of delicious, and quick and easy to make after the children are sleeping.

2 Trader Joe's Brand Frozen Turkey Meatballs
Cheddar Cheese
2 Tortillas (I used 365 brand traditional)

1) Bake meatballs according to directions (add some extra for next day spaghetti dinner.) When they are done, slice two of them up for the quesadilla.

2) Shred some cheese onto one tortilla, add sliced meatballs, shred more cheese on top of meatballs and top with second tortilla.

3) In preheated cast iron skillet, add a pat of butter and swirl around the pan. Pan fry the tortilla on each side til golden brown (cover skillet to promote cheese melting.

4) Slice up into triangles. Once cooled, pack two-thirds for child's lunch. Eat the remainder, right now. You are a hard-working woman and you need to eat a substantial snack, not cereal or chocolate.

Add healthy sides: half a pear, a banana, and a green salad to be dressed in the morning before school with apple cider vinaigrette!


  1. Please post any other winners- I have been sending Finnan with this same lunch to Color Wheel basically all year!

  2. Step 4 rocks. Thanks for continuing to add to this blog and making up for my laziness! I need to get back on the ball, especially since I'll probably start making baby food again here soon.